Midwestern Region Leadership Team

Our fraternity runs on the leadership from its members. Our board of directors, committee chairs, and brothers working diligently at the chapter level all over the world and give up their time and talent to help the fraternity run. Please see a listing below of members who volunteer on a daily basis at the regional level:

Executive Board

Regional Vice President


Franklin Stacy, Jr.

Regional Assistant Vice President


Jayden D. Donald

Regional Executive Director


Quincy B. Banks

Regional Associate Executive Director


Charles Piphus

Regional Assistant Executive Director


Johnnie Brooker, III

Chief of Staff & Organizational Effectiveness


Dr. D’Angelo S. Taylor

Senior Advisor to the Midwestern Regional Vice President and Chief of Staff & Chairman of Ritual and Ceremonies


Willard C. Hall, Jr.

Deputy Chief of Staff & Organizational Effectiveness


Alburn Elvin

Deputy Chief of Staff & Organizational Effectiveness


Dedric Dennist, Sr.

Assistant Chief of Staff for the Assistant Regional Vice President


James Elam

Senior Advisor for the Midwestern Assistant Regional Vice President


Nathaniel “Jay” Young

Director of Conventions


Daryle Cobb

Regional Treasurer


Raymond McDaniel

Assistant Regional Treasurer


Jalan January

Regional Secretary


Roderick Q. Blount, Jr.

Regional Legal Counsel


Nicholas E. Cummings

Regional Legal Counsel


Kevin Jones

Regional Legal Counsel


Alburn Elvin

Regional Chaplain


Rev. Dr. L. Bernard Jakes

Regional Parliamentarian


J.T. Ayers

Assistant Chaplain


Jerry Johnson

Director of Communications


Alex J. Wood

Immediate Past Regional Officers

Director of Protocol


Elliott N. Stubblefield

Immediate Past Regional Vice President


Brother Ronald D. Stovall, Jr.

Immediate Past Regional Assistant Vice President


Blake E. Sartin

Immediate Past Regional Executive Director


Dr. Anthony Ferguson, Jr.

District Directors

District Director – Canada
Brother Alex Wood

District Director – Illinois
Brother Dr. Leonard Mckinnis

District Director – Indiana
Brother Samuel R. Young II

District Director – Iowa
Brother Eric Thigpen

District Director – Kansas
Brother Brandon Clark

District Director – Kentucky
Brother Gerry L. Harris

District Director – Michigan
Brother Lindsey Williams

District Director – Minnesota
Brother Gene Ward, Jr.

District Director – Missouri
Brother Damon Roath

District Director – Nebraska
Brother Meredith O. Grayson

District Director – Ohio
Brother Jameson S. Taylor

District Director – West Virginia
Brother Tomas Vernon

District Director – Wisconsin
Brother Dan Franklin

Assistant District Directors

Assistant District Director – Illinois
Brother Yaree Wilson

Assistant District Director – Indiana
Brother Papa Niang

Assistant District Director – Iowa

Assistant District Director – Kansas
Brother Lendon Jackson

Assistant District Director – Kentucky
Brother Prince Chenou

Assistant District Director – Michigan
Brother Brandon Foster

Assistant District Director – Minnesota

Assistant District Director – Missouri
Brother Erickson Kagame

Assistant District Director – Nebraska
Brother Lavone Walker

Assistant District Director – Ohio
Brother Jordan Myers

Assistant District Director – West Virginia
Brother Romeo I Mitchell, Jr.

Assistant District Director – Wisconsin
Brother Isaiah Frazier

Convention Committee Chairs

Committee on Awards and Achievements
Brother Stephen Shepherd

Committee on Rules and Credentials
Brother David Etheridge

Committee on Constitution
Brother Troy Small and Brother Alonzo Terry

Committee on Budget & Finance
Brother Derek Bell

Commission on Business and Economic Development
Brother Kenneth Bacchus

Commission on College Brothers Affairs
Brother Keshawn Williams

Committee on Elections
Brother Jimmie Perkins

Committee on Fraternal Standards
Brother JC Crane

Committee on Grievances and Discipline
Brother Phil Black

Committee on Leadership Development
Brother Dr. Kenneth Harris, Jr.

Committee on Life Membership
Brother RT Stewart and Brother William Hornbuckle

Committee on Membership Development
Brother Edgar “Ed” Goins, Jr.

Committee on Public Policy
Brother Raphael Davis-Williams

Historical Commission
Brother Lateef Saffore, Brother James Baker, and Brother Chuck Smoot

National Programs and Partnerships Chairs

Big Brothers and Big Sisters Coordinator
Brother Dedric Dennist, Jr.

Boy Scouts Coordinator
Brother Alan Parks

Project Alpha
Brother DeVol Tyson

Special Committees Chairs

College to Alumni Committee
Brother Brandon McClain

Committee on Military Affairs
Brother Harold Anderson

Health Initiatives Committee
Brother Kortney Lucius

Mental Health Task Force
Brother Ezekiel Peebles and Brother Thomas J. Teague, Jr.

Mentorship Coordinator
Brother DeVol Tyson

Reclamation Committee
Brother Harry Todd and Brother Robert Watkins

Risk Management Committee
Brother Henry Alston

Strategic Planning Committee
Brother Rollin Jackson

University Relations Committee
Brother Brandon Tucker and Brother Chuck Smoot