January 6 Morning

January 2024 MWR-Wide IMDP Brotherhood Certification Training Schedule

Brothers, please register and take advantage of these training sessions.
Effective Fall 2023, IMDP Certification Trainings will only be conducted twice a year in the Midwest Region.

Two (2) MWR IMDP Brotherhood Certification Training Schedules will be released.

1). After August 1st through September 15th which allows trainers to IMDP certify brothers for up to 16 months (3 IMDP Cycles).

2). During January which allows trainers to IMDP certify brothers for the calendar year (2 IMDP Cycles).

Note: There will be no other IMDP certification trainings (individual or chapter) conducted in the Midwest Region after each training schedule has concluded.

These trainings are conducted for IMDP certification only. Risk Management certification must be taken online via Alpha University. *Please Note Time Zones