Midwestern Leadership Team

Our fraternity runs on the leadership from its members. Our board of directors, committee chairs, and brothers working diligently at the chapter level all over the world and give up their time and talent to help the fraternity run. Please see a listing below of members who volunteer on a daily basis at the regional level:

Executive Board

Regional Vice President
Dr. Willis L. Lonzer, III

Regional Assistant Vice President
James Johnson

Regional Executive Director
Ronald D. Stovall, Jr., PMP

Regional Associate Executive Director
Anthony Ferguson, Jr.

Regional Project Manager
Steven J. Williams, III

Regional Secretary
Roderick Q. Blount, Jr.

Regional Treasurer
Barris Sims

Legal Counsel
Nicholas E. Cummings & Alburn Elvin

Regional Chaplain
Dr. Pheonix Barnes, Jr.

Regional Parliamentarian
J.T. Ayers

Ronald Russell

Immediate Past Regional Officers

Immediate Past Regional Vice President
Hon. Elgie R. Sims, Jr.

Immediate Past Regional Assistant Vice President
Jameson Taylor

Immediate Past Regional Executive Director
Ronald D. Stovall, Jr.

District Directors

District Director – Canada
Alexander K. Wood

District Director – Illinois
Michael Boyd

District Director – Indiana
Elliot Stubblefield

District Director – Iowa
George Ramsey

District Director – Kansas
Randy Hodge

District Director – Kentucky
Henry Alston Sr.

District Director – Michigan
Ataul Usman

District Director – Minnesota
Gene Ward, Jr.

District Director – Missouri
James L Cook

District Director – Nebraska
Aaron Conley

District Director – Ohio
Jeffrey Elmore

District Director – West Virginia
Timothy Gibson

District Director – Wisconsin
Alfred Parchia

Assistant District Directors

Assistant District Director – Canada

Assistant District Director – Illinois
Damilola Arowolaju

Assistant District Director – Indiana
Michael Whiteside

Assistant District Director – Iowa
Chandler Wilkins

Assistant District Director – Kansas
Bryan Davis

Assistant District Director – Kentucky
James Johnson

Assistant District Director – Michigan
Kyles Hamilton

Assistant District Director – Minnesota
Aris Battiste

Assistant District Director – Missouri
Christopher Walter

Assistant District Director – Nebraska

Assistant District Director – Ohio
Bernard Williams

Assistant District Director – West Virginia
Derek Rankin

Assistant District Director – Wisconsin
Reginald Kirby

Sector Directors

Director of Membership
Gerald C. Hyler

Director of Financial Affairs

Director of Community Outreach
Dedric Dennist

Director of Youth Activities

Director of Convention Activities
Arndell D. Ricks

Director of Fraternal Awards
Oscar Douglas-Brown

Standing Committees and Commissions

Committee on Leadership Development
Dr. Kenneth Harris, Jr.

Committee on Intellectual Development
Dr. Leonard McKinnis, II

Committee on Fraternal Development
Steven Clark

Committee on Social Development
Joel Johnson

Committee on Spiritual Development
Tony Dunlap Sr.

Racial Justice Commission
Christopher Taylor

Racial Justice Commission
Charles Piphus

Senior Advisor to the Vice President
Darryl A. Peal

Senior Advisor to the Vice President
Samuel Deshazior

Special Assistant to the Vice President
Sharron Anderson

Ritual and Ceremonies
Eric Jackson

Corporate Affairs Chair
David M Johnson

Fundraising Coordinator

Ms. Black and Gold Pageant Coordinator
Joshua L. James

Step Show Contest / Late Night Jam Coordinator

Oratorical Contest Coordinator
LeAaron Foley

Hobart Jarrett Debate Competition

Scholars Bowl Coordinator

Chief Protocol Officer
Kenyatta Shamburger

Matthew Filer

Technology & Social Media Chair
Sean G. Veal

Editor to the Alpha Spirit Newsletter
Royce R. Strahan


Regional Photographers
Larry Crider
Michael C. Williams
Sven Sherrod

March for Babies Coordinator
Eddie Jones

Project Alpha Coordinator

Big Brothers/Big Sisters Coordinator
Charles Piphus

Boyscouts Coordinator

Brothers Keeper Coordinator

Leadership Development Institute Chairman
Bruce E. Mitchell II

Alpha Day at the Capitol Coordinator

Seinor Alpha Affairs Coordinator
Beta Lambda/College Co-Chair

Recommendations and Resolutions


Assistant Chaplin

Assistant Chaplin

Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms
David Koon